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View large image 名称: 金汤匙
型号: OH-386
类型: 个人护理
重量: 10KG(20PCS/Pack)
体积: 27.5x17x7.5 CM
包装: 20PCS/Pack
价格: ¥250

microwave motion stimulate the circulation, clean the pore and epidermis cuticle.
Microelecticity and microwave motion massage the skin, with the themal effect which stimulate the circulation, activation and metabolism, and improve the dark,edema skin.
The thermal effect stimulates the circulation which will help the nutrition penetrate into skin, to enhance the skin to keep the water and tighten the skin, as the result of skin's beauty 
Microelecticity and microwave motion massage the skin, which activate the deep tissue and keep its water. It is suitable for the aging skin which lack of elasticity and water. After lifting the face, with lift skin product, the coodination of the skin banlance and lifting or moisture mask, the fabbly tissue could be lift and reshaped.

Power Source: DC 9V 1000 mA
Power Consumption: 5 W
Size(L x W x H)(cm): 26 x 17 x 7
Total Weight: 400 g
Vibration: 5Grades
Ion Voltage: +7V ~ +12V / -7V ~ -12V
Biolift: 13V ~ 24V
Temperature: About 40 ºC

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